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Basketball in America: A History - Fact Monster

Updated February 21, 2017 | Factmonster Staff. An American game that has traveled well is basketball, now played by more than 250 million people worldwide in an organized fashion, as well as by countless others in "pick-up" games. Basketball originated in 1891 when a future Presbyterian minister named James Naismith (1861-1939) was assigned to teach a physical education class at a Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) training school in Springfield, Massachusetts.

A Fascinating Look at the History and Evolution of Basketball ...

Basketball was invented in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith. He was a Canadian physical education student, and an instructor with the YMCA Training School (which is known as Springfield College today) in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. He wanted his students to play a game which helped them remain fit.

Who invented basketball? - HISTORY

Basketball is the only major American sport with a clearly identifiable inventor. James Naismith wrote the sport’s original 13 rules as part of a December 1891 class assignment at a Young Men ...

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This was the first time in Finals history there were five 20-point scorers on one team, a feat that would be matched twice in the 1987 NBA Finals between the same two teams. April 19, 1986

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The History of Basketball (13 Rules + First Basketball Game Ever)

As coaches and lovers of the game, it’s important (and fun!) to know a little basketball history and the origins of the game we all hold so close to our hearts. Who Invented Basketball? The game of basketball originated in December 1891 by a Canadian born man by the name of James Naismith.

Where Basketball was Invented: The History of Basketball ...

The Birthplace of Basketball. Basketball is built into the fabric of Springfield College. The game was invented by Springfield College instructor and graduate student James Naismith in 1891, and has grown into the worldwide athletic phenomenon we know it to be today. Springfield College students continue to be innovators and leaders in their fields.

The Origin of Basketball - Today I Found Out

Even the date of the very first game is known, December 21, 1891. It was all started by Dr. James Naismith, the son of two Scottish immigrants to Canada. By 1891, Dr. Naismith was teaching physical education in Springfield, MA at the YMCA International Training School (which today is Springfield College).