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Basketball Fundamentals - Lay Ups

Teaching lay-ups Line up your team in rows. On the command, ”Set”, have them stand with their left leg forward and their right leg extended straight back. Knees... On the command, “Drive,” have them step forward with their right leg, without taking their left foot off the floor, and... After driving ...

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How to Do a Layup in Basketball (6-Step Guide)

How to Do a Layup (6-Steps) 1. Eyes Up. The very first thing a player must do when they decide to attack the defense and finish with a layup is get... 2. Outside Foot Step (Long). The first step a player makes as they pick up the basketball should be with their “outside”... 3. Inside Foot Step ...

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The Lay Up | Basketball - YouTube

In this video, you will learn how to shoot a lay up, a running shot often used in basketball games.Need more help with lay ups? Help is at hand! Simply check...

How to Shoot a Basketball Lay-Up in 6 Easy Steps

Let's start with a right-handed lay-up. As the names suggests, you'll shoot the ball with your right hand from the right side of the basket as you're facing it. Note: Even if you're left-handed, you'll shoot a lay-up from the right side of the basket with your right hand. That’s really important.

Basketball lay up technique - Basketball - essential skills ...

Basketball lay up technique. A lay-up provides a player with the opportunity to drive at the opponent's basket, jump close to the target and release the ball safely at the backboard.

NCAA Men's Basketball Rule Book - a.espncdn.com

5 Men’s Basketball Rules Changes for 2020-21 Each changed or altered segment is identified in the rules text by a blue shaded background Three-point line (Rule 1-7 1) Increases the distance to 22 feet, 1 and ¾ inches

🏀Basketball Layup SECRETS: 6 ways to shoot a layup in ...

In today's video I breakdown 6 ways to shoot a layup in basketball.http://BallerBootCamp.com/bne -- JOIN BNE TODAY!Here is a list of all the different layup...

How to Do a Layup: 12 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

1. Dribble close to the basket with your right hand. Since you're doing a right-handed layup, angle your approach toward the right side of the basket. You want to get close enough to have easy access to the basket, but not so close that you end up directly under it. Layups are often taken off of a running dribble.