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Rules of Beach Volleyball - Strength and Power Volleyball

Rules of Beach Volleyball for Playing the Ball. Team Hits Each team is allowed three hits. For doubles: The block does count as a team contact, and either player can make the next contact after the block. For fours and sixes: The block does not count as a team contact, and any player can make the first contact after the block. Simultaneous Contacts

Beach Spiking and Hitting Archives - VOLLEYBALL 1 ON 1

Information on beach volleyball spiking and hitting including how to videos and drills for spiking: line, angle, cut, short line, deep line, deep middle, flat angle, sharp angle, short cross and sharp cross court. Also tips, secret and advice for better volleyball spiking vision and how to see the defense and the block when going up to spike or hit on the beach.

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Top 10 Beach Volleyball Rules - Rookie Road

This type of illegal hit is called "finger action," and if it occurs, the officials will call you for a penalty. In beach volleyball, you aren't allowed to hit the ball open-handed, be very careful with your hand movements. It is important to remember this rule to avoid any penalties that will give your opponents a point advantage!

Beach Volleyball Hitting Footwork by Taylor Crabb - YouTube

AVP Beach Volleyball Pro, Taylor Crabb teaches how to approach and hit a volleyball on the beach with the proper footwork and technique in this MCKB Volleyba...

How to Hit a Volleyball - Arm Swing Mechanics - YouTube

AVP Beach Volleyball Pro, Taylor Crabb teaches how to hit a volleyball on the beach with the proper arm swing mechanics in this MCKB Volleyball tutorial.Clic...

How to Hit a Volleyball on the Beach | Indoor to Beach ...

Hitting a volleyball on the beach is VERY different than hitting a volleyball indoors. We teach how to transfer your indoor volleyball skills to the beach so...

Digging in Beach Volleyball 101 - AVP Beach Volleyball

Overhand Dig: these most often come from blockers who pull (which we’ll cover in a future article). As the name suggests, they’re digs taken with your hands (almost like a setting motion) over your head (or sometimes in front of your face or chest). For hard-driven hits, overhand digs can be lifts and doubles, which is pretty cool.

Evolutions Volleyball Beach Rules

The ball must be hit cleanly with the hand, straight locked fingers, or knurled fingers. Net Ball Players may not touch the net at any time during play (if you touch the net, it is the other teams ball). Players cannot interfere with a ball that is hit into the net from the other side. It is legal for a ball to hit a player through the net.