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Playing Positions in Volleyball Volleyball positions in a team: Outside hitter (also called wing spiker, left side) Right side hitter (wing spiker, right side) Opposite Hitter (attacker) Setter; Middle Blocker (center, middle hitter) Libero; Defensive Specialist; Outside Hitter (also called wing spiker, left side)

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Right-wing spikers are also responsible for hitting from the 10 foot mark in the back right position. In professional volleyball. This position is in the highest demand and these players often get paid the most due to their importance. Regardless of whether you are a spiker or not. Every position in volleyball in requires a certain set of athletic skills. Although some may say that the spiking position in volleyball is the most important position.

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The outside hitter aka left side hitter left wing spiker is the volleyball player that hits and blocks from the front left spot on the volleyball court. Setter wing spiker 2 left sides and 1 right side is the standard middle blocker and libero. Playing positions in volleyball volleyball positions in a team.

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There are 4 main positions when it comes to volleyball (one is broken down into two different spots):sSetter, wing spiker (two left sides and one right side is the standard), middle blocker, and libero. Each of these positions plays a specific, key role in a volleyball match. Positions on the court are simple to follow - each position is opposite of its matching position (left sides are opposite of each other, middles are opposite of each other, and the right side is opposite of the setter).

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Wing spikers along with the opposites are often players who score the most points in the game. Outside hitter’s passing responsibility makes them extremely important player for the team. Right side...

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The outside hitter is also known as the left-side hitter, wing spiker, or simply an attacker. The outside hitter plays the front left side position on the court and is responsible for scoring points in the game.

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Setters, liberos, middle blockers, defensive specialists or spikers are the 6 positions in volleyball that players specialize in on varsity high school teams. Improve Your Volleyball Get the equipment, supplies, training and advice you need to reach your volleyball team goals.

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As it turns out, this turn of phrase has made it way into other parts of Japanese volleyball lingo. A wing spiker (Eng. "outside hitter" or "opposite hitter") who focuses primarily on offense may also be referred to as a "super ace". But this is not the sense in which Haikyuu!! tends to use the term "ace".